May Day 2022

Reflections from the Eugene May Day Coalition One of the things most abhorrent about Capitalism is the way it not only adorns our bodies in hurt and harm but prevents us from having the time, space, sense of safety, and community support needed to ever dig that poison out of our bodies. Coming together to…

GTFF Demands Safer Working & Learning Conditions Through Protest: and SUCCEEDS

We, the Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation, make the following demands of the University of Oregon to maintain the health and safety of workers and students on campus: Increase Remote Instruction Options • Move all courses remote, when applicable, until cases in Lane County decrease to low transmission levels as determined by the CDC (50 cases…

Disaster Capitalist Drowned out on Campus

A regular Wednesday guest lecture on campus became an anti-logging protest when a group of activists shut down a talk given by Tyler Freres of Freres Lumber. Freres, a third-generation logger, came to the University of Oregon law school to talk about his company and the benefits of the post-fire logging practices his company employs….

CIA, Go Away!

In the first couple weeks of November, undergraduate and graduate students across all departments received their weekly advising emails. Those of us who actually read these newsletter updates couldn’t help but notice a curious opportunity announced in fine print: This raised some questions: Who arranged for the CIA to recruit on campus, and why? Most…

Who put Julius Jones where he is today?

OKLAHOMA CITY- On November 18th, 2021, Julius Jones was scheduled for execution by lethal injection in Oklahoma for the crime of murdering Paul Howell in 1999, only recently contested by conflicting information from other inmates associated with the alleged accomplice. With only a few hours remaining, Governor Kevin Stitt granted clemency for Jones with no possibility of commutation, pardon, or parole.

Mikey Muffins: Do It For The Story Tour 2021

Good music can keep 40 people out in the cold.

Day of Demands: Ducks Demand Democracy

One overcast Friday afternoon, organizations from across campus gathered in the EMU fishbowl amphitheater to participate in Day of Demands, organized by Climate Justice League. The festivities included tabling and speeches, networking, crafts, piñata smashing, and administration bashing. Organizers and attendees demanded that the University of Oregon administration do right by its students and staff,…

Charlie Kirk Ran Out of Town, Speaks at Golf Club in Creswell: Local ANTIFA wins

Charlie Kirk, the face of the right-wing organization Turning Point USA, spoke on October 27th at the Emerald Valley Golf Club. It is a leg of his Exposing Critical Racism Tour, which is traversing college towns across the country. Originally, the event was going to be on the University of Oregon campus, but the university…