The UO “Demonstration Team”

Surveillance of Students Integrated Across Dozens of Administration Offices and UOPD

Thomas Sankara: The Land of the Upright People

Thomas Sankara was a Pan-Africanist Marxist-Leninist and former president of Burkina Faso, formerly known as Upper Volta. Sankara is oftentimes compared to the Argentine born revolutionary, Che Guevara. Many of his radical actions, ideas, and planning were inspired by Che Guevara. Born in 1949, Thomas Sankara was one of ten children to two Roman Catholic…

“Aquí no hay negros”: Black Historical Erasure in Argentina

Argentina has a problem with racism. As one of the whitest countries in Latin America, Argentina has done a poor job of accounting for the histories and contributions of its non-white populations, both historically and at present. This is especially true for Argentina’s Black population, so much that many white Argentines will tell you that…